Our Mission

Our Mission

To develop effective leaders committed to using diversity and creativity for the betterment of the community. Leadership Evansville, through its staff and volunteers, teaches people to identify their passion for community improvement, to make a commitment to create a better community, and to take responsibility for making sustainable changes.

These attitudes, skills, and processes are taught to adults, youth, organizations, not-for-profits, businesses, educational institutions, neighborhood associations, churches, and other leadership programs.


Our Vision

The Vision of Leadership Evansville remains timely over the years because LE continues to transform as we discover new ways to build and sustain communities.

Founded in 1976 by a group of future-thinking local leaders, LE’s original commitment to community-wide betterment remains unique and strong.

Leadership Evansville:

  • Brings together people with different talents, gifts, and perspectives
  • Transforms these individuals into leaders who embrace the concept of community trusteeship and the collaborative process
  • Develops in them an understanding of how today’s leaders function, and teaches them the skills to apply this knowledge
  • Teaches effective processes, especially visioning a preferred future, consensus decision-making, and collaboration
  • Provides real life opportunities to use their knowledge, skills, and processes through practice and performance


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