Lynn Miller Pease

Chief Executive Officer

“To reach out and bring together diverse leaders (YOU)
Who decide to be servant leaders (ME)
Sharing their talents and passion to transform our community (WE).”

– Lynn Miller Pease


Lynn has a passion for diversity, servant leadership, and the collaborative process. As Chief Executive Officer of Leadership Evansville, she develops servant leaders to transform communities, with the support of her board of directors, staff, alumni, and volunteers. Lynn has more than 25 years of experience in facilitation, leadership development, civic engagement, and visioning for strategic action. She has served as Chief Executive Officer of the 40-year organization since 2003.

Her extensive community leadership experience has culminated in a unique ability to facilitate the gathering of community visions that can be converted into actionable projects that better the community. Her collaborative process has become a sustainable model for civic engagement by empowering participants to convert their dreams into civic action. Lynn’s ability to attract diverse stakeholders to this process – giving all people a voice – has led to more creative, sustainable solutions for community transformation.

For example, Lynn led Leadership Evansville – in partnership with Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke – in the design and implementation of the VOICE community visioning process. This multi-year initiative has continued to help transform the Evansville community. Lynn and her team of staff and volunteers:

  • trained 50 volunteer facilitators to help conduct visioning sessions
  • held 32 initial visioning sessions with 3,000 participants
  • prioritized the three primary areas of interest based on the extensive data collected, and
  • facilitated 12+ second-round meetings to identify strategic actions and projects for implementation.

The data gathered and visions captured from VOICE have been – and continue to be – used to plan long-term goals and direction for the entire tri-state area. This has ensured that our citizens’ hopes and dreams for the community have real impact into the future.

Lynn’s facilitation and leadership training began in 1988 with Leadership Evansville in Evansville, Indiana. In 2000, she received training through Leadership Evansville in the Indiana Leadership Initiative curriculum, a project supported by the National Association for Community Leadership and Lilly Endowment, Inc. She later studied advanced facilitation and leadership techniques at the Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Lynn conducted her undergraduate studies in RHI Management at Purdue University.

Lynn’s community service includes her roles as President of the Evansville Celebration of Diversity Distinguished Lecture Series, past president of the Holly’s House Board of Directors, and past president and founding member of Alhambra Theatre, Inc. Board of Directors. She also serves on the Indiana Leadership Association board of directors and the Women’s Equality Day committee.

Lynn has been honored as the recipient of the 2011 ATHENA Award and was named one of the Evansville YWCA’s “100 Women in 100 Years.” As the 2010 recipient of the Sydney and Sadelle Berger Community Service Award, Lynn was recognized as “a tireless community advocate who promotes fairness, inclusion and respect for all.”