Celebration of Leadership Nomination

Please use the nomination form below. The format of the nomination form may change at the discretion of the Leadership Evansville Board of Directors. All nominators will be contacted in the case of a change to the nomination form.

Nominate now for the 2019 Celebration of Leadership.  The deadline for 2018 nominations was midnight on Saturday, December 23, 2017.

Nomination Instructions: Volunteer or professional leadership nominations may be made in three divisions. Each division has six categories. Only individuals are considered for the Jefferson Award. Nominating yourself, business/organization, project is encouraged. Awards may be presented in each division and each category.

3 Divisions: Individual, Business/Organization, Project

6 Categories: Arts, Community & Neighborhood, Education, Environment, Government & Public Service, Health & Social Services

Nominations must be thorough and complete. If you need assistance, please contact the LE office at 812.425.3828.

Upon submitting a nomination, a confirmation email will be sent to the nominee and nominator.

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