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Business or OrganizationArtsArts Council of Southwestern Indiana2018
Business or OrganizationArtsD'Alto Studio of Performing Arts2018
Business or OrganizationArtsStaC Gallery2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodBorrowed Hearts Foundation2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodOld National Bank2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodPlay for Kate Foundation2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodRiver Kitty Cat Cafe2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSkanska2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSouthwest Indiana Association of REALTORS2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodTepe Park Neighborhood Association2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodTri-State Public Media (WNIN)'s New Media Center2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodTurn Table2018
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodWest Side Nut Club2018
Business or OrganizationEducationEVSC Foundation2018
Business or OrganizationEnvironmentEvansville Vanderburgh Public Library2018
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceDowntown Evansville Economic Improvement District2018
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Fire Department2018
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Vanderburgh Public Library System2018
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceVanderburgh County Prosecutor's Office2018
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceWomen's Fund of Vanderburgh County2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social Service14 News2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceDeaconess Care Integration (DCI)2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceFranklin Street Pizza Factory2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceMayor's Substance Abuse Task Force2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceUnited Caring Services2018
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceWes Attebury Foundation2018
Business or OrganizationHeath & Social ServiceBorrowed Hearts Foundation2018
Business or OrganizationHeath & Social ServiceUnited Methodist Youth Home2018
IndividualArtsAnne McKim2018
IndividualArtsChris Weatherly2018
IndividualArtsJon Whitman2018
IndividualArtsLenny Dowhie2018
IndividualArtsSabrina Newton2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAllen Waller2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAndrea Sinnett2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAretha Sebree-Graves2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBarbara Lucas2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBob Tenbarge2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBrittany Finch2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodChristine Keck2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCindy Staples2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodGail Knight Williams2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJake Hicks2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJeff Justice2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJenny and Bob Thomas2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJodi and Kevin Ferrell2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJosh Roeder2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJune Miller2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKathy Rosa2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLu Porter2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMary Allen2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMellissa Goff2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodNikki Davis2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodNoah Deeg2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRene McCormick2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodReverend William Payne2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRyan Bodine2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSamantha Buente2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTeresa McKeethen2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTim Ethridge2018
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTracy Gorman2018
IndividualEducationAmy Walker2018
IndividualEducationAshlee Bruggenschmidt2018
IndividualEducationCarla Webb Bunner2018
IndividualEducationDr. Linda Bennett2018
IndividualEducationDr. Thomas Kazee2018
IndividualEnvironmentSusan Harp2018
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceAmy Canterbury2018
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceMike Labitzke2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceAmy Lutzel2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceDavi Stein-Kiley2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceJanie Chappell2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceJeremy Evans2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceKathryn Kornblum-Zelle2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServicePatrick O'Connor2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceRachel Spalding2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceSara Barnett2018
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceTony Garrett2018
Project or ProgramArtsHaunted Historic Evansville2018
Project or ProgramArtsHidden Figures Red Carpet Event2018
Project or ProgramArtsInvisible Patients2018
Project or ProgramArtsMain Street Dance's production of Macbeth2018
Project or ProgramArtsSt. Meinrad Rocks Fest2018
Project or ProgramArtsThe Children's Nutcracker performed by Children's Center for Dance Education2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodCommunity in Pain2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodE is for Everyone2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEAJ+ (Evansville Area Jeepers)2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Christmas Parade on North Main Street2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Hydrofest 20172018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Tech on Tap2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEven Start Program2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodGirl Scouts Achieve2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodLifesavers2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodQ Commons2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodStoplight City Playground2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodTED (Trolley of Evansville Districts)2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodTEDxEvansville2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Women's Hospital Mamava Pod at Ford Center2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodWoodmere Dog Park2018
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodWPSR Radio Station2018
Project or ProgramEducationcMoe Ignite It! Creativity Forum2018
Project or ProgramEducationEvansville Day School 4th Grade Giving Project2018
Project or ProgramEducationEVSC GAIN Initiative2018
Project or ProgramEducationHelfrich Park Real World STEM with Berry Global2018
Project or ProgramEducationHoosier Veterans' Consortium2018
Project or ProgramEducationProject Connect2018
Project or ProgramEducationSouthern Indiana Career & Technical Center Diesel Program2018
Project or ProgramEducationStudent Buddies2018
Project or ProgramEducationThe Medical Professions Academy2018
Project or ProgramEducationTrail with a Tale2018
Project or ProgramEnvironmentCart Creek Cleanup2018
Project or ProgramEnvironmentCentral Super Mileage Team2018
Project or ProgramEnvironmentFranklin Street Community Garden2018
Project or ProgramEnvironmentPigeon Creek Greenway Solar Lighting Project2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceCart Creek Cleanup2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Water & Sewer Utility Storm and Sanitary Sewer project2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceHoosier Task Force2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceJames Bethel Gresham Commemoration2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceNorth Main Complete Street2018
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceTeen Court - Youth Resources2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceAdult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Training2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceAurora's Gingerbread House Contest2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceCaze Cougars Running Club2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceDeaconess Mobile Breast Center2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceEvansville State Hospital Friend-to-Friend Program2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceEVSC 5K2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSafe Pets Program2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSMILE on Down Syndrome Dance Troupe2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSMILE on Down Syndrome Moms Bible Study2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSMILE on Down Syndrome Reading Program2018
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceStop the Bleed Coalition2018
Business or OrganizationArtsENGAGED! River Valley Magazine2017
Business or OrganizationArtsHaynie's Corner Art District Association2017
Business or OrganizationArtsInSideOut Music Festival2017
Business or OrganizationArtsThink Pink Productions2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodAnother Chance for Animals2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Area Jeepers2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Podcast Network2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodIt Takes a Village No-Kill Canine Rescue2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodIvy Tech Community College, Fifth Third Bank, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Memorial Baptist Church2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodKnob Hill Tavern and Restaurant2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Dream Center2017
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodYouth Resources2017
Business or OrganizationEnvironmentEvansville Water and Sewer Utility2017
Business or OrganizationEnvironmentTruGreen Commercial2017
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceCongregations Acting for Justice and Empowerment (CAJE)2017
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceGreater Evansville Ball Hall of Fames2017
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceHRConnects, Inc.2017
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceAurora, Inc.2017
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceDispensary of Hope - St. Mary's and ECHO2017
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceHeartSaver2017
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceTri State Community Clinics2017
IndividualArtsCarol Dallinger2017
IndividualArtsLogan Dyer2017
IndividualArtsPatrick Preston2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborgoodRose Benton2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAlan and Sharon Braun2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAmy Word-Smith2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAnge Humphrey2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodApril Goebel2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBen Trockman2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBrant Flores2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCarol McClintock2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCathy Renner2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCore Crew - Habitat for Humanity of Evansville2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCourtney Johnson2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCurt Begle2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodDrew Peyronnin2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJack Pate2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJames Zelle2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJean Reising2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJeff Whiteside2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJennifer Cooke2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKatherine Cartwright2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKathy Kleindorfer2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKatie Syers2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodLauren Schmitt2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMaytes Rivera2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRabbi Gary Mazo2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodSusan Gainey-Odoyo2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodTracy Gorman2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodVicki Brasel2017
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodWallace Corbit2017
IndividualEducationAmy Maxheimer2017
IndividualEducationBill Stein2017
IndividualEducationDaniel Dickman2017
IndividualEducationDarla Smith2017
IndividualEducationDr. David Smith2017
IndividualEducationErin Lewis2017
IndividualEducationJeff Deig2017
IndividualEducationLino and Pam Wiseman2017
IndividualEducationMatt Hart2017
IndividualEducationSuzie Masterson2017
IndividualEducationTiffany Ball2017
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceEd Lander2017
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceJessica Clark2017
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceKim Musgrave2017
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceStephanie TenBarge2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceAndrea and Corbin Hoffman2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceBill Frost2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceDarcy Ackerman Ellison2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceDon Jones2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceDr. Michael Roscoe2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceErica Cole2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceHillary Melchiors2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceLinda E. White2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServicePatty Altman2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceSara Vaughn2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceSister Donna Marie Herr2017
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceTimothy Weir2017
Project or ProgramArtsFront Porch Fest2017
Project or ProgramArtsHighway 41 Mural2017
Project or ProgramArtsJunk the Junk Jacobsville2017
Project or ProgramArtsMusic Makes a Difference2017
Project or ProgramArtsRomeo and Juliet2017
Project or ProgramArtsStand Santa Back Up2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodBOSS, Inc. - Men of Valor2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodDowntown Master Plan2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodFiesta Evansville2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodIf You Only Knew2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodInSideOut Music Festival2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodInterfaith Gathering in Remembrance of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting Victims2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodMOMS Bible Study and Fellowship Group - SMILE on Down Syndrome2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodNight of Stars and Style - SMILE on Down Syndrome2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodUniting Evansville2017
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodVHS Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic2017
Project or ProgramEducationAcademy for Innovative Studies CNA Program - First Avenue2017
Project or ProgramEducationAssociate Accelerate Program - ASAP at Ivy Tech Community College2017
Project or ProgramEducationCommittee to Promote Respect in Schools - CYPRESS2017
Project or ProgramEducationCool Coding Awareness Week2017
Project or ProgramEducationLincoln Health Fair2017
Project or ProgramEducationNew Tech Institute2017
Project or ProgramEducationNoelting Films Preservation Project2017
Project or ProgramEducationScholars for Syria2017
Project or ProgramEducationUniversity of Evansville's GAP Program2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentCaze Garden Project2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentEvansville Adopt-an-Ash Program2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentEVIE the Litter Dog2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentGloria's Garden at Ivy Tech Community College2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentHelfrich Park Gateway Garden2017
Project or ProgramEnvironmentUpgrade Bike Share Program2017
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceBlight Elimination and Land Bank2017
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Promise Zone2017
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceEVSC's Randall T. Shepard Leadership and Law Academy2017
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceIndiana's Great Southwest - Regional Cities2017
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceNorth Main Complete Street Project2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceAurora's Refugee Homeless Prevention Program2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceDelay the Disease2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceHangers2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceJacobsville Crime Free Alliance2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServicePediatric Injury Prevention Program2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceProject AWARE2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceRecipe for Success2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSpirit Medical Fund2017
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceVoices2017
Business or OrganizationArtsBilly Hedel's Studio & Gallery2016
Business or OrganizationArtsPG Cafe2016
Business or OrganizationArtsRedstitch2016
Business or OrganizationArtsSMILE on Down Syndrome Art Smart2016
Business or OrganizationArtsStudio B Photography2016
Business or OrganizationArtsThe Dapper Pig2016
Business or OrganizationArtsWesselman Nature Society2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodBridge Builders Transportation - New Hope Community Development Corporation2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodDowntown Alliance2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodECHO Housing Corporation2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Podcast2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville's Celebration of Diversity Distinguished Lecture Series2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodHaynie's Corner Arts District Association2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodKoch Family Children's Museum of Evansville2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodMacaroni Kid Evansville2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodMemorial Community Development Corporation2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodRed Spot Pain and Varnish Company, Inc.2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodSouthwestern Indiana Master Gardener Association2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodStepping Up2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodUnited Ladies2016
Business or OrganizationCommunity & NeighborhoodWest Side Youth Basketball and Cheer2016
Business or OrganizationEducationCarver Community Organization - Pathfinders Program2016
Business or OrganizationEducationEvansville Vanderburgh School Corporation - Virtual Academy2016
Business or OrganizationEducationSouth Heights Elementary School2016
Business or OrganizationEducationThe Literacy Center2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceDaughters of the American Revolution - Captain Henry Vanderburgh Chapter2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceDiverse Business Alliance2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Partnership for Animal Welfare2016
Business or OrganizationGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Police Department - Crime Free Multi-Housing2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceAstraZeneca Pharmaceutical2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceChild Abuse Resource & Education Task Force (C.A.R.E.)2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceDeaconess Family Medicine Residency2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceDeaconess Family Medicine Residency2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceECHO Community Health Care's Community Case Management Team2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceMatthew 25 AIDS Services2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceSongShine Evansville2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceSt. Mary's Mobile Dental Clinic2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceTri State Community Clinics2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceTri-State Medical Alliance, Inc.2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceVanderburgh Humane Society2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceWEHT Local and Local 7 WTVW2016
Business or OrganizationHealth & Social ServiceYMCA Rock Steady Boxing2016
IndividualArtsBrad Kimmel2016
IndividualArtsByron Lander2016
IndividualArtsGayle Begley2016
IndividualArtsKensington Eck2016
IndividualArtsLaurel and Ken French2016
IndividualArtsMatthew Rowe2016
IndividualArtsSally Olson2016
IndividualArtsSummer Bennett2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodBrandon Ragland2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodChris Cooke2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodCollin Clarke2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodElizabeth D. Baier2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJohn D. Herring, Jr.2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodJossie Hudson2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKaren Conaway2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodKassy Lauer2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodM. Susan Hardwick2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodMelissa Tines2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodPatrick Odoyo2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodRabon Turner2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodScott Wylie2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodWally Paynter2016
IndividualEducationBarbara Lynn2016
IndividualEducationBen Joergens2016
IndividualEducationCarrie Feltis2016
IndividualEducationDale Naylor2016
IndividualEducationDr. David Smith2016
IndividualEducationDr. Steven Becker2016
IndividualEducationJennifer Hawkins2016
IndividualEducationJill Hahn2016
IndividualEducationJoshua Conner III2016
IndividualEducationKendra Smith2016
IndividualEducationKim Murphy2016
IndividualEducationKristine Eichholz2016
IndividualEducationMarie Wood Doud2016
IndividualEducationMarjorie Armstead2016
IndividualEducationMrs. Lisa Taylor2016
IndividualEducationOmar Atia2016
IndividualEducationRob Carroll2016
IndividualEducationRobert Dion2016
IndividualEducationSheila Huff2016
IndividualEducationWatez Phelps2016
IndividualEnvironmentDane Hancock2016
IndividualEnvironmentRobert Flores2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceBrad Kimmel2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceGreg Wathen2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceJim Heck2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceJim Martin2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceJoshua Armstrong2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceKyle Gorman2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceLinda Negro2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceLloyd Winnecke2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceMarcia Au2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceMissy Mosby2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceThe Browning Family2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceTodd Durnil2016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceUSI Iraqi Student Leadership Class of 20102016
IndividualGovernment & Public ServiceVicki Hubiak2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceBrandon Barrett2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceDr. Mohammad Hussain2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceJackie Kempf and Jerrie Leach2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceJanice Hatler2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceKen Goans2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceKimberly Arvin-Long2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceKyle Gorman2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceLarry May2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceMichelle Kirk2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceMolly Elfreich2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceNancy Cutrell2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceNancy Hughes2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServicePaige Davis2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceRuth Smith2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceSister Jennifer Miller2016
IndividualHealth & Social ServiceStephanie Reneer2016
Project or ProgramArtsCenter for Family and Community Outreach2016
Project or ProgramArtsInto the Woods2016
Project or ProgramArtsSt. Mary's Epworth Crossing - The Begley Art Source2016
Project or ProgramArtsThe Women's Hospital Perinatal Bereavement Project2016
Project or ProgramArtsUnder the Beams2016
Project or ProgramArtsUnderground at the Arts Council2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodEvansville Streets Alive!2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodLogan's Promise2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodMiss Golden Pageant2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodOaklyn Teen Volunteers2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodOne God, One Community2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodOwen Block Preservation Effort - The Blockheads2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodOwen Block Restoration Project2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSafe on Franklin2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodSt. John United Methodist Church Food Pantry and Clothing2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodTEDxEvansville2016
Project or ProgramCommunity & NeighborhoodThe Heart Program2016
Project or ProgramEducationAchieve Your Degree2016
Project or ProgramEducationAlcoa Teachers Manufacturing Boot Camp2016
Project or ProgramEducationCrossroads Christian Church's GLA Task Force2016
Project or ProgramEducationEven Start Family Literacy Program2016
Project or ProgramEducationInstitute for Global Enterprise at the University of Evansville - Changemaker Challenge2016
Project or ProgramEducationIvy Tech Vex Robotics Program2016
Project or ProgramEducationOne God, One Community2016
Project or ProgramEducationTeach Now, Transform Tomorrow2016
Project or ProgramEducationTEDxEvansville2016
Project or ProgramEnvironmentKeep Evansville Beautiful "Planters on Main Street"2016
Project or ProgramEnvironmentThe Great Chicken Give Away2016
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceEvansville Animal Care & Control Spirit Medical Fund2016
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceHome for the Holidays - Empty the Shelter Adopt-A-Thon2016
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceSMILE on Down Syndrome - Trucks & Heroes2016
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceThe Dirty Life2016
Project or ProgramGovernment & Public ServiceVanderburgh County Sheriff's Office Website and Mobile App2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceEvansville Streets Alive!2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceGirl Scout Troop #622016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceLettuce Change2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSMILE on Down Syndrome - Summer Dance Program2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceSozo Health Ministry - Patchwork Central2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceTeam 13 Training Program2016
Project or ProgramHealth & Social ServiceThe Volunteers of Deaconess VNA Plus2016
IndividualCommunity & NeighborhoodAlan Winslow2018

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